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Updated: Feb 4, 2022

The other day I caught myself bringing up a useless topic to my friend. It was brought up only because I wanted to start a conversation. I noticed that I did it because I liked the rush, the drama that followed. It's no doubt that our ego is always on the hunt for a problem, and if there's none at hand, it'll create one. The topic was in regards to a date I went on. I didn't care whether I went on a second date or not because I wasn't attracted to the person. However, I caught myself bringing up the topic to my roommate maybe 2 to 3 times. I was like "He hasn't called me or texted me, and I thought he liked me. Do you think he noticed that I wasn't into him?" Now we're talking about something that I didn't care for or that second date. I was hungry for the dramatic response my roommate would respond with. "He hasn't? That's weird!" That's the ego for you. I thought I'd take some time to write about this as it's not only in this type of situation that our ego looks for problems. But in other areas of life as well. If we're not aware like I was in this situation, then imagine what we're automatically thinking about on a daily basis. Our subconscious mind runs about 95% of the time. It is pretty much on auto-pilot. Instead of bringing up this pointless conversation, why couldn't I bring up a positive one? That is really interesting to me. Here's a challenge so that we can be more aware of our thoughts. P.S I got some of these from other resources. Be aware of your thoughts. How? *Ask yourself what you were thinking about in the last ten minutes every hour. *Ask yourself why are you bringing up a certain topic? Is it positive? How to think positive throughout the day? *Start your day by asking yourself positive questions so that your mind can go to work and look for positive situations.

Sample questions: *How can I be happy today? *How can I surprise someone today? *How can I ________? Lets be in charge of our thoughts.

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