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On-Site Wellness Programs

Learn simple mindfulness techniques to live in the present moment.  Even 2 minutes a day of meditation can make a difference in your awareness.  Hence, improving your ability to be more focused with what's in front of you.



Tension Release Exercises: Learn how to release deep rooted tension caused by work, physical or emotional stress to improve your concentration, productivity, and team efforts.


Customize a wellness happy hour of your choice with simple ways to destress and recharge.

We offer onsite wellness programs to corporate offices, schools, startups, medical institutions, and more!


Let me help you plan a retreat for you and your team.  You can also plan a one day event to help reconnect, bond with your team, increase creativity, and recharge for the week.


Learn about essential oils that help aid tension, stress, and anxiety.  Customize your own essential oil session.


Get the energy you need with super foods and anti-inflammatory foods that will help you ease stress and anxiety. Nutritional demonstrations and customizable meal plans are available.

Why You Should Consider An On-Site Wellness Program?

One thing to keep in mind if you are running a business is that your employees are the greatest asset of your company. If your employees are stressed, unhappy, productivity will decrease. By choosing to work with us we will help you asses what your company needs the best. Learn how you can get to the root of your problems and improve your company's dynamics.

More and more business owners and HR managers are recognizing the importance of Wellness Programs as an effective method to drive down healthcare costs and employee absence, and increase productivity and 

retention. According to the American Academy of Pain Medicines, Chronic Pain & Chronic Stress both cost U.S. businesses on average of $300 billion a year in lost productivity. With such staggering numbers at play, 

preventative measures are imperative.

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