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Catering Services For Your Next Meeting!


Are you hosting a wellness day for your staff or are you having a staff meeting or an event? Add some nutritious bites to enhance your meeting/event. As we all know how the saving goes, “we are what we eat” If we are eating well, we will feel well and make better decisions. We have 100% raw  juices, smoothies, smoothie bowls, overnight oats, toast, hot drinks and more. We use all natural ingredients, we are conscious of what ingredients we use in our products. Please see the menu below: 


  • Minimum order of $60

  • $20 delivery fee and setup or

  • Pickup up is Free

  • * Indicates organic



Juices: 12 oz-: Serves 10 - $60 (Choose 2 flavors)

I Am Focused Energy Boost & Focus:  *beet, apple, orange, *celery, *carrot, *ginger 

I Am Joyful Vision & Skin Glow Juice: apple, *carrot, orange, lemon, *ginger 

I Am Lovable Gut Health:  apple, lemon, *purple cabbage, *ginger, mint 

I Am Vibrant Alkaline Juice: *cucumber, *fennel, apple, lemon, *kale, *ginger, mint, *wheatgrass powder 

Citrus Love: 100% orange juice

Specialty Drinks By the Gallon: 3 Gallons: $50

Chia Fresca-Strawberry flavor: filtered water, *strawberry, *chia seeds, lemon, *maple syrup

Sample Juices: 4 oz: 30 Samples: $60 (Choose 4 juice flavors)


Nut Milks: 12 oz: Serves 10 - $45 (Choose 2 flavors)

Be My Date: *cashew milk, *dates, *vanilla, *maca powder, *himalayan salt 

I Am Victorious: flaxseed milk, *dates, turmeric, cinnamon, *ginger, *black pepper 



Power Shots 4 oz: Serves 10 - $40 (Choose 2 flavors)

I Am Healthy Immunity Shot: lemon, *ginger, garlic, *apple cider vinegar, oregano, pepper, cayenne pepper 

I Am Strong Post-Workout Shot: orange, lemon, *turmeric, *ginger, black pepper 


Kind Smoothies 16 oz: Serves 10 - $80 (Choose 2 flavors)


Horchata Smoothie: *banana, *almond milk, *dates, *cinnamon, *maca, honey 


I Am Kind Mint Chocolate Chip: *banana, *hemp milk, *dates, *vanilla plant protein, *almond butter, *cacao nibs, mint, honey, chlorophyll, Himalayan salt 


I Am Peaceful Hearty Strawberry Smoothie: *strawberry, banana, almond milk, cashews, rolled oats, almond butter, honey, dates, cinnamon


Taste Of Nature Alkaline Smoothie: *pineapple, *mango, *kale, *fennel, *cucumber, ginger


I Am Unique Anti-Inflammatory: *banana, *mango, *strawberry, coconut water, *ginger, *turmeric, *dragon fruit powder, *chia seeds 


I Am Youthful: Matcha Smoothie: banana, dates, matcha powder


I Am Blessed Smoothie: *banana, *blueberry, *strawberry, acai, *vanilla plant protein powder, almond butter, dates, flaxseed powder, flaxseed milk.

I Am Abundant: *banana, cauliflower, *Kachava vanilla protein powder, *cacao powder, *cacao nibs, *dates, *maple syrup, almond butter, *almond milk


Smoothie Bowls: 16 OZ: $95 - Serves 10 (Choose 2 flavors)


Classic Superfood Acai Bowl: banana, acai, strawberries, hemp milk. Topped with: granola, strawberry, banana slices, chia seeds, coconut shreds 


Green Garden Bowl: banana, spinach, dates, almond butter, cacao nibs, maca powder, hemp milk. Topped with: granola, kiwi, blueberries


Hearty Morning Things: $50 - Serves 10

I Am Loved Chia Pudding: coconut milk, *chia seeds, *maple syrup, *vanilla bean. Topped with blueberries 


Morning Sunshine Oatmeal: *oats, flaxseed milk, *maple syrup, flax seed, *chia seeds, *cinnamon, *maca, nutmeg. Topped with: banana and strawberries


Avocado Toast: gluten free bread, avocado, pico de gallo, &pumpkin seeds, lime. 


Almond Butter Toast: gluten free bread, almond butter, *raspberry chia jam, *banana, *cacao nibs. 

Savory Meals: $55 - Serves 10

Green Vegan Pozole: 

Soup: jackfruit, hominy, filtered water, *avocado oil, chile verde(tomatillo, serrano, poblano, white onion, garlic, cilantro, organic pumpkin seeds, cumin, sea salt), apple cider vinegar, homemade vegan bouillon, *oregano,.


Topped with: purple cabbage, cilantro, onion, lemon, oregano and a side of corn chips.

Vegan Pastries: 

Vegan Carrot Cupcakes: $24/dozen

Ingredients: gluten free flour, cinnamon, nutmeg, maple syrup, carrot juice pulp, coconut oil, apple sauce, vanilla bean powder.


Homemade "cream cheese" icing: raw cashews, coconut milk, maple syrup, coconut oil, lemon zest, vanilla bean powder.

Vegan Blueberry Cheesecake: $36.99 for 6" and $49.99 for 9" 

Ingredients: blueberries, cashews, dates, almonds, flour, maple syrup, coconut oil, lemon juice,dates, vanilla, cinnamon, lemon juice. 

*Prices may vary or are subject to change.

*All menu items may not be shown in this catering menu but can be added.

*Discounts available for purchases more than $150

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