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Are you looking for ways to release tension?

Our bodies are capable of doing that for us if we allow it to.  If you are currently experiencing tension, your body is dying to release it.  That's why it probably keeps showing up repeatedly.  I'm here to show you natural body exercises that will help you release tension caused by physical or emotional stress, or trauma.

How was TRE started? 

TRE® was developed by trauma recovery therapist, Dr. David Berceli, PhD, from his 35+ years of work and research in over 9 different war torn countries. As a result of this work and research he gained a much deeper understanding of the natural restorative capacities that the human body possesses.

What is TRE?

TRE uses seven exercises to release the psoas muscle, the deepest and largest muscle in the body. This powerful muscle holds physical, emotional, and mental stress that we carry in our bodies over the course of our lives. We have all experienced trauma, and there are many forms that we may have come in contact with.

A Typical Session 

Starts by stretching and fatiguing muscles in the feet, and legs that are connected to the fight/flight/freeze response.  These exercises help initiate your body’s own self-healing tremor.  Once the therapeutic tremor begins, you will lie comfortably on a mat and allow your body to release tension, stress and trauma.  You can view a video of it here:


Reported Benefits Include:

Reduces Symptoms of PTSD

Less Worry & Anxiety

More Energy & Endurance

Improved Marital Relationships

Less Workplace Stress

Better Sleep

Less Relationship Conflict

Reduced Muscle & Back Pain

Increased Flexibility

Greater Emotional Resiliency

Decreases Symptoms of Vicarious Trauma

Healing of Old Injuries

Lessened Anxiety surrounding Serious Illness

Relief from Chronic Medical Conditions

Clear Migraine Headaches(


Recommended to meet once a week for 4 weeks in a row to

learn how to do the exercises on your own. 

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