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Guided Community Group Cleanse

Join us for a 7 Day or 21 Day Guided Cleanse


What The Cleanse Includes:

Start Date: January  24th

  • 7 Day Guided Cleanse: 4 days of clean eating and 3 or 5 days of 100% juice cleansing

  • 27 Day Guided Cleanse: 20 days of clean eating and 1-7 days of  100% juice cleansing

  • Initial live group check in via Zoom

  • Daily group check ins via Discord

  • Guided workbook included(35 pages): recipes, food tracker, grocery list, etc

  • Weekly live cooking classes

7 Day Guided Cleanse.png
Juice Bottles

What is The Cleanse About: 

  • This 7-27 day Guided Cleanse is intentional. It is meant to make you aware of your current eating habits as well as help you detox.

  • Many times the things that are weighing us down are toxin buildups in our system. From environmental toxins, negative relationships, our internal dialogue, to the foods we consume. 

  • In this 7 day guided cleanse you will get what you need to improve digestion and elimination, balance your pH, increase your energy, cleanse your liver and colon.

  • You know you are in need of a cleanse if you are experiencing the following:

    • Digestive problems• Heart burn• Fatigue• Irritability• Brain fog/poor concentration• Constipation• Hormone imbalance• Headaches• Skin blemishes and rashes• Joint pain• Weight loss resistance• Insomnia• Mood swings

  • *Please consult your doctor before cleansing if you are diabetic, pregnant/nursing, under 18 years of age, or are under the continued care of a physician for any reason.

How It Will Work

You will be guided daily, you will check in with your group, and you will have unlimited customer support.

1.)You will set specific intentions


2.)You will become aware of your habits for 7-27 days: you will keep track of your food intake, you will also track emotions, moods, energy levels, how many times you poop, etc


3.)Eat clean foods for 4-20 days: daily check-ins on private group, one live meeting. One is more likely to achieve their goals when there is accountability. We will create a group chat to discuss our experiences and motivate each other!


4.)Sample grocery list and sample meal plan provided


5.)Juice Cleanse for 1-7 days(Provided): The cleanse consists of 5 juices & 1 nut milk per day


What You Will Get 


7:00am or as soon as you wake up: hot water with lemon or drink 8 oz of water

8am: Celery Juice


10am: I am Focused: apple, orange, beet, celery, carrot, ginger.


12pm: Be My Date Nut Milk: filtered water, cashews, dates, vanilla bean powder, Himalayan salt.


2pm: I am Joyful: apple, orange, carrot, cucumber, lemon, ginger.


4pm: All Greens: fennel, kale, chard, lemon, ginger, wheatgrass powder.


6pm: Chia Fresca Alkaline Water: coconut water, chia seeds, lemon juice, chlorophyll.



  • Benefits:

  • Increase your energy, mind clarity, & focus 

  • Detox your system from toxins

  • Improve your digestion system and elimination

  • Become aware of your eating habits

  • Give your digestive system a break from having to break down heavy foods

  • Support your immune system

  • Ability to connect to higher self

  • Meet new like minded people

Elva P.

"I am happy I committed to this cleanse. I enjoyed the juices and the recipe guide Rocio provided us. She gave us tips and made it simple especially for us working moms. I saw a change in my body and that was the most rewarding. I didn't do it to loose weight fast, I just wanted to cleanse my body. However, I did end up loosing about 9 lbs." 

Cueponca S.

"The cleansing program that Kind Neighbor offers helped me clear layers of confusion and body. I wish this care for anyone who is open to deepening their humanity."

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