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Remembering Your Worth

Remembering your worth is a practice. It's something that you have to remind yourself of constantly. It's important to be aware of your thoughts and what you tell yourself. If you believe in God, you can tell yourself "God is my shield, He protects my thoughts all day long". Talk to yourself ahead of time on how you want to feel throughout the day "I will feel relaxed, calm, peaceful" and God will listen. This will prepare you for your long day ahead.

Remembering your worth will bring you a long way especially when you are rejected because not everything is going to go your way. It's important to remember this early on, accept it for what it is, and not take it personal. I remember a cashier trying to so hard selling a Barnes & Noble membership to my BF. He sounded so sure of his stuff, convincing that my BF almost got it, but we didn't end up getting it. He was disappointed at the end of the sale. We said no to the membership not to him.

This is the same if you have your business, if you work for a corporation, or just in life in general. When people walk out on you, reject you, say no to your service, or to your sale. You have to remember that they're saying no to that and it has nothing, ABSOLUTELY nothing to do with you. You are worth way more than that in God's eyes.

I was recently teaching a class, and there was a participant who wasn't getting what she expected out of the class. I noticed she wasn't satisfied and right away I began doubting myself. I reminded myself of my confidence and looked around and saw that the participants were smiling and enjoying themselves. She ended up leaving early, I tried not to let it get the best of me or not take it personal. I told myself that I can reach out to her to offer her a private session. But then I remembered that some things are just out of my control and I can't make everyone happy. I reminded myself of my worth, how I wanted to feel, and prayed that the rest of my day was peaceful and joyful.

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