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Last weekend I spent some time with friends for one of my lovely friend's birthday. That Saturday afternoon we had a late lunch in Hunington beach. I was feeling really excited and happy to be living life. I really looked forward to our deep conversations that were soon to follow. That day we happened to talk about our strengths. I was honored to hear both of my friends say that my natural strengths are planning and organizing. The little voice inside of me was like, "really?" lol They gave me a detailed explanation of why they strongly believed that of me. It's because I've planned some amazing trips in the past, and I usually have an itinerary ready for our getaways. LOL This put me on the spot as I realized that I do like planning and organizing. But then I thought, but, but, but.... But I already have my vision board and mission statement planned out. How could I potentially add this "trip planning" to my agenda. At that moment I quickly searched within me , and asked myself a serious question "Do I want to be a traveling planner just because my friends think I'll be good at it?" I mean how come they don't think I'll be good at life coaching? That night I started having real feelings of self-doubt. I began to question whether I messed up on my vision board and mission statement because I didn't have "travel planning" on it. So I was trying to justify my friends powerful conversation over lunch; and trying very hard to fit it in. But still, something didn't feel right. I cried and messaged my sister and asked for her advice. She then sent me this powerful video. I know that it is wise to keep our eyes and ears open because the gold might just be before our eyes. However, one thing I also believe in is if it feels right. How do YOU feel about it? What does your heart say? We usually know the answer, but we like to complicate things. Our ego does. This is when I realized that it is VERY important to believe in yourself with all of your heart. To trust that God has you on this path for a reason. If you have a plan and suddenly receive suggestions from friends and family, sure revisit your plan and make adjustments accordingly as long as you feel that it is right. There's no right or wrong answer. But if you find yourself in this situation know that you are at the right place at the right time. Be prepared, be ready to bounce back! This conversation lead me to buy my domain that night and start working on my website. If we didn't have that conversation that day then it wouldn't of gave me the urge to do all of that. I turned it into something good!

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