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Discover Your Potential Women's Panel August 11, 2018

Small Town Women Who Started From The Bottom

You're Worth More Than You Know

These women are experts in their field and have climbed the ladder. Many of us who live in a small town feel like we have so much potential, but get held back because you don't have the resources, there are too many setbacks, or you're just not motivated. These powerful women grew up in a small town and that didn't stop them. They will be sharing a pivotal point in their career or life and what they did to overcome it.

You'll get to experience this awesomeness:

  • Dinner & Social

  • Well known speakers

  • Beauty Bars/Massage Chair

  • Vision Board Guide

  • Swag Bag


Led By: 

Cristy Abarca

Founder of Shapes By Cristy

 Aresio Fitness

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Rocio Gonzalez

Founder of Viva Balance

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Janna Rodriguez

Co-Owner of J&R Tacos & Mechanical Engineer @ Intel

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Araceli Gomez

Realtor Investor

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Sonia Gonzalez

Co-Founder of CrossChannel & Wolk 

Marietta Huizenga

Christian Counselor


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